Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making a Statement

This will forever evolve but for now...this is where I reside.

I am an abstract artist living in North Carolina. I believe that painting in the abstract allows the painting to take the shape it is moving towards rather than forcing an image onto a canvas. Whether it comes from music, emotions, colors, light, or lines in scenes around me, I feel that inspiration has to be present in my process for the work to be great.
My love for painting came out of my love for paint, and paintbrushes. I love the way it moves, I am enamoured by all the ways it can move. I am obsessed with the part of the process when my tools become an extension of my hand, I hear music in my ears, and my eyes see the direction where the paint is headed.
I find that painting for myself is the only way I can paint for others. I desire that people will be drawn to my art because they see a reflection of themselves in the part of me I left on the canvas.